The Lamprey's Chariot

The Lamprey’s Chariot, an escort ship employed in the Granitegrip fleet since the discovery of the Granite Isle. A dwarvish ship, the Lamprey is tasked with the most dangerous of routes, often encountering pirates, fierce storms, and the ever-changing desires of the weather deity. As a result, the ship is a living mural of past encounters, its crew only patching foundationally detrimental wounds and leaving scars as a mural of their past exploits.

The ship is a medium sized vessel, consisting of three decks. The ship is narrow, as to effectively slice through even the roughest of seas. On the top deck, the main deck, is an elevated rear platform housing the navigation equipment. The Lamprey features three sails, crafted of fine woven canvas. For defenses, hired druids shape the excess wood of the decks into fortified battlements in time of high seas and attacks. Nets hang from these platforms for dexterous fighters and brave wizards to hang off the side of the ship and fight any threat coming up the side of the vessel.

The crew deck consists of the galley, complete with the cook’s own breeding pool for consistent oceanic delicacies, the crew quarters of hanging hammocks, a shrine to the sea deity for appeasement and requests of calm waters, and a large communal area that serves as a tavern. Grog’s (my character) brewing station is located here.

The below deck is commonly referred to as “The Training Grounds.” The ship’s mage can customize illusory terrain and illusory combatants for anyone wishing to test their skills. Think the holodeck in Star Trek, but magical. This is used to train new recruits, as well as to keep the current crew sharp and active.

Speaking of crew. The captain, Frenalia Flintlock, is a hardened dwarf who expects the highest from her crew. She maintains only a small selection of consistent crew: A wizard, who keeps three lieutenants, a fighter, also with three lieutenants, and a rogue, again with three lieutenants. The Lamprey’s Chariot serves as a training ship, designed to put new recruits through hell in order to train them for duties on other ships. There is a constantly rotating set of individuals on the ship, each new wave of recruits being tested by Frenalia’s three highest ranking officers. Once a job is complete, the temporary crew is disbanded and sent off to other jobs across dozens of ships. The Lamprey is strictly designed to harden and train those who think the sailing life is for them,

The Lamprey's Chariot

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