Keepers of the Golden Arrow

The Keepers of The Golden Arrow are an ancient order that has dedicated itself to stopping the Old Gods. They are a very powerful and secret group, they operate deep behind the scenes, manipulating politics, and meddling in the affairs of cities and nations, to try and make the world a better place. They are the one’s sponsoring the heroes journey to stop the old gods.

The Keepers have many different members from those who sit on the high council to lowly messenger boys you can tell a Keepers position and ranking by the rings they wear on their fingers.

Index Finger: Position of Leadership, usually worn by a Hallmeister
Middle Finger: Position of Law, worn either by an Enforcer or Interpreter (think of Enforcers as high powered police and Interpreters as judges who translate the words of the Head Masters as well as the written law)
Ring Finger: Position of Enlightenment, worn by Mentors, Recruiters, and Trainers
Little Finger: Position of Information, worn by Carriers and Spies
Thumb: Only invoked in time of need, when used, any request must be granted by those of a lower status, any misuse of this privilege results in the abuser’s thumb being cut off

Rank within a Position is shown first by the quality of the metal of the ring (Gold Plated up to Pure 24K Gold) and second by number of fletchling stripes on the arrow (1 being highest rank, 4 being lowest).

Keepers of the Golden Arrow

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