Kellin Shallows

Cleric of the World


Kellin Shallows is a halfling cleric who is quick with his wit a well as his situationally appropriate choice of deities. Kellin says that the New Gods all work together and it is foolish to limit oneself to worship only one. The mercy of Stalwyn , the inquiry of Athis, the freedom of Domin, and the power of Dovar in the storm. All are paid tribute through Kellin’s wise application of their tenets.
“Of-Many-Faiths, Manygods, the Multi-blessed and half bane, Dueler of Darvo, offering Athis her story, and chided by the Child God. Stolen more valuable treasure than an Efreeti’s palace and nicked items worth a dragon’s horde. I’ve healed the sick and caused greater curses”


Kellin comes from a vast tightly knit clan o halflings who some call “common as dirt”. A town without t least one Shallows can hardly call itself establish, since they are known for their travels and love of stories.

Kellins has at least 5 brothers and 3 sisters that he knows about. With such an extensive family, Kellin’s childhood was filled with stories of adventure and danger from his uncles, sister, and grandkin . Several of Kellin’s kin are known to get into financial tables and even cause political uproars within important families due o romantic involvement
A few of Kellin’s relatives have aligned themselves with the Old Gods and invoke their raw power to cause chaos within the realm.

From the Golden Arrow Kellen received a collapsable mace of chance (1 to attack and damage if the attacker rolls an even number) and a Preacher’s Cross (a small metal holy symbol that could take the form of any small object including any holy symbol, the cross could also be used as a ranged weapon with the returning property, and increased the user’s channel divinity by 10ft.)
Upon returning to the ship with Athis’ Stone, Kellen noticed some strange things happening. He felt divine power flood into his mace, instantly the mace felt more accurate and deadly in his hands (
1 more deadly and accurate to be exact.) He looked at his mace more closely and realized it had changed. The head of the mace looked like the symbol of Ivanavi, a coin with the faces of the god on either side of it, except that the coin was in the shape of a sphere instead of the disc of a coin. In addition to this change, on the side of the mace head that held the face of Ivanavi, that represented good luck, the sharp points of the mace had been replaced with soft round nobs, Kellen thought if he hit someone with this side of his mace it would just knock them out instead of killing them (Mace of Mercy does an additional 1d6 damage and changes damage to non-lethal). On the side of the mace head that held the face of Ivanavi, that represented bad luck, the spikes had grown and twisted and were dripping with a dark green liquid. Kellen was sure that if he hit someone with this side of his mace it would cause them great harm (Mace of Venom does an additional 1d6 poison damage).
While looking at his mace Kellen absent mindedly fingered his preachers cross, he felt a hollowness inside it, like it could now be filled with power and magical energy, looking down at the cross he saw that its form had now changed to the holy symbol of Gekki matching the new holy symbol Kellen had just made. Kellen stared down at the cross as he did so he heard a stormy voice in his head that said, “Do you seek power? I can give you my blessing, for a price…” As the words were whispered in Kellen’s mind his mace can began to shimmer as if it were about to change and take on a new form.

Kellin Shallows

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