Welcome to the obsidian portal page for our game! Hopefully this will be a fun and useful tool, where we can keep track of our npc’s, have a place to put all the info about our game world, and keep track of the events that happen in the game during play. So with that mini introduction out of the way here are a few notes/thoughts I had about the site.

1. Please feel free to post stuff here. This is a collaborative effort between all of us, no one is in charge, were all building the game and the world together. So if you have an idea for something cool or see that something that needs to be edited, don’t hesitate go ahead and post/edit!

3. The home page is kind of like the introduction page for the rest of our site. So we could probably post a short summary about the plot here. Something like, (in a trailer guy voice) “All is not well in the world of Molkarn. Threats long forgotten, now arise from their prison and threaten the very existence of the world. The old gods awaken and the only thing that stands in their way is a small group of heroes who prophecy says are destined to defeat the old gods and send them back to their prison forever! Will they succeed on their quest or are they doomed to failure? Find out next time on Dungeons and Dragons!”
So yeah a non stupid version of that, would be pretty cool. Also this seems like a good place to put up the prophecy.

Heroes of the Stones of Yesterday

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