Vol' Gar

Formian Master of Arm aboard the Lamprey's chariot


Vol’ Gar is a formian, a giant four armed anthropomorphic ant creature. He serves as the Master of Arms aboard the Lamprey’s Chariot. He is in charge of the ships marines as well as the training of the ships crew.


Vol’ Gar came from a large Formian hive. He served as Battle Master to the Queen of his hive. Formians live in a, “the whole is greater than the one” type of society. They are literally party of a hive mind. They also have a strict caste system, everything the hive does is in service to the queen.

Several years ago Vol’ Gar’s hive was attacked and wiped out, he alone survived. The experience was terrible for him, losing connection with his tribe and the hive mind felt like losing part of himself, and with his queen dead he no longer had any purpose in life.

He spent his days wandering from town to town, getting into fights, and living as a homeless drifter, not caring whether he lived or died. Until through a chance meeting, he met Captain Flintlock and ended up with a place on her crew, eventually he worked his way up to being her Master at Arms. Working for Captain Flintlock gave him new purpose. He feels as if the crew of the Chariot is his new tribe, and that Captain Flintlock is his new queen.

Vol’ Gar is a monk and multi weapons master. When fighting he uses a mix of different weapon attacks and unarmed strikes. He does not speak, and instead communicates using a sort of telepathy that is a left over ability from his being part of a hive mind. To the person he is communicating with it sounds like several voices talking to them at once, it has a kind of vibrating effect.

Vol’ Gar maintains a perfect zen like calm. He tries to instill this in to his students when training them. He tells them that mastering the art of fighting is more than learning how to use their weapon, they must learn how to master themselves, and develop a warrior’s soul as well as a warrior’s body.

Vol’ Gar still believes in the caste system and looks down on crew members, who ’don’t know their place’. He now fully embraces his new life as the Chariot’s Master of Arms, he would do anything for his new hive and his new queen.

Vol' Gar

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