Hisshru, God of Shadows

God of Shaadows, Darkness, Madness


Originally a rogue during the Age of the Old Gods. Recent discovery of his original journal strongly suggests his decent into madness occurred well before reaching godhood. Hisshru drew upon the God-Force more than any other OEpnir except for Arous. As a result, he has lost his corporeal form and is only seen as a collection of shadowy tentacles in the form of a man. Hisshru is blind, but is capable of sensing his environment by reaching out with these chilling tendrils.

Though he is far removed from his original days as a Human, Hisshru still has a few desires that linger from pre-OEpnir days. The most commonly known is his lust of Kita, the Goddess of Light. Hisshru longs to hold Kita and is always reaching out, but is never able to touch the Light. Goddess of Light takes pity on Shadow and visits once a month in the form of the full moon.


Hisshru, God of Shadows

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