Malisa Rains

Bard of the College of Lore


Met aboard the small lifeboat from the Lamprey’s Chariot, Miss Rains is a tiefling bard set with the task of recording the party’s quest in full detail. As almost anyone can tell you, bards in the world are given diplomatic immunity due to the important jobs as historians and lore masters. Miss Rains, though stunning in her beauty, has failed several times to accurately record the events naturally and has also involved herself several times in order to gain richer details or a poetic twist in the plots she follows.

Miss Rains wears no armor but is extravagantly dressed in a purple and white gown and a large feathered hat that is fastened to her waist.

All bards carry with them a feathered hat as to easily identify them in the heat of battle, thus ensuring their safety. Additionally, all bards carry a metal seal and several licenses with them that state from each ruler of the land that they are to be left unharmed as to do their job accurately. Bards also carry a pouch filled with potions and oils that aid in their task that allow them to be unseen or remain silently scratching away with their quills. Bards are prohibited from giving out any help, potions, oils, scrolls, or knowledge that may alter the course of the naturally flowing story (though some are known to trade or sell lesser items).

Malisa Rains

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