Lewis Nash

Human (male) Professional thief and candle maker


Lewis Nash is an incredibly pale young human with a slight build and delicate hands that seem like they would be better suited for clerk work then for the adventuring life. He has black lanky hair that he parts to one side. He wears a buttoned up black Chinese style long sleeve shirt, with gold buttons and trim, black pants and black and gold slippers. When on a ‘job’ or when out adventuring he wears black and gold studded leather armor a black hooded cloak, and a gold AROUS funeral mask. His armor and cloak are of the exact same shade of black and gold as his clothes and are kept just as meticulously neat.
Lewis is reserved and quiet, in conversation he is polite and formal. He thinks before he acts and speaks, and seems to do everything with great care and precision


Lewis never knew his parents. When he was very young he we was sent to work for a professional thieves guild, that worshiped the god AROUS. The guild maintained a front as a shop that specialized in the candles/candle sticks that were used in funerals and the locks that were used on caskets and tombs. So officially he was being apprenticed as a candle maker, but in reality he was learning how to be a professional thief and assassin.

Lewis spent his whole life learning the ways of the thief, assassin, and candle maker. After his training was complete he took the graduation exam which consisted of ending the journey’s of three people that the guild had been contracted to kill. Lewis undertook the contracts he killed the first two but was unable to kill the third as his target was a child and Lewis could not bring himself to take the child’s life. So he lied about completing his third contract. He was sure his guild would find out and that he would fail the test, but no news of his failure to complete the contract came to light and he passed the test, receiving the mark of a full member of the guild, the symbol of AROUS tattooed on his left forearm.

Lewis, knows his own weaknesses very well, he knows he is not very strong or tough and does not pull off bold moves well. He is not good at speaking with people. So instead he uses what he has, quick hands, observant eyes, a little magic and a keen mind that can come up with a well thought out plan for any situation. Lewis has worked hard his whole life to become a good enough thief, so that he can earn his place within his guild and prove his worth, but sometimes he feels that he just isn’t good enough, and that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a good guild member. He secretly feels that he will let everyone down.

Lewis Nash

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