Lew-Enna Trandalis

Princess Lew-Enna Trandalis, First daughter of King Gorek Trandalis, Warrior of the Kermode Bear clan, of the Cathal Tribe of the frozen woods.


Lew-Enna is a Strike first, then strike again person. A human from the Cathal Barbarians, she was raised to be the best that her tribe could offer. trained from birth to be the human weapon that the worlds needs to protect them from the return of the old gods. while she may not have the wits or the wisdom that many of her companions have, she’ll break anyone and anything that gets in the way of her mission.


A life of training and commitment to the cause, That was Lew-Enna’s life growing up. her tribe feared the old gods return, and her whole life she was trained to be ready to fight them when they returned. her father, who had recently become king of the frozen wood tribes, picked a wife that would make the strongest child. Lew-Enna’s mother died shortly after giving birth to her from illness, but she was said to be as beautiful as she was strong.

Lew-Enna Trandalis

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