Krillmor Dahl

Information broken and second navigator aboard the Lamprey's Chariot


Krillmor Dahl, is a halfling rogue who works as the ship’s information broker as well as secondary navigator. He’s standard halfling height with thin wrist and dainty fingers that could pick the kelp out of a shark’s mouth. He wears regular seafaring garb (light leather armor) and wields a scimitar. He is very good at blending into the shadows of the sails as well as into a crowded room.

His tan skin and face host few distinguishing marks, save for a mole on his left cheek. Several of his fellow rogue comrades have taken to tattooing their left cheeks as well with a similar mark, leading to some confusion if people are seeking him for information or worse.
As he is the one to go to for information or rumors, “Krill” usually can be seen chatting with other members of the crew onboard or several of his informants when at port (though it is hard to tell him apart from the several look alikes in his employ).

Krill is a follower of the sea deity and embraces the chaos of the torrent storms. During severe weather or onboard combat, Krill is keen to leap from riggings or masts to gain advantage over his confused opponents.


Krillmor Dahl

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