Jesamyn Pearl

Human female, Wizard lieutentant under the head wizard aboard the Lamprey's Chariot


Jesamyn (like Cinnamon but with ‘Jess’ at the beginning) Pearl female human wizard, and lieutenant under (insert name of ship’s wizard here.) Jesamyn is first and foremost a scholar. She is a follower of Athis and wants to learn all kinds of new and exciting things and document them. In addition to using her arcane magic in service of the (ship’s wizard), and the ship and her crew, Jesamyn is responsible for documenting the ship’s travel’s and keeping records of everything that comes on board the ship, (this includes people and cargo).

Jesamyn is fairly new to the ship, she is excited about traveling the world and seeing new things. She plans on learning something valuable at every new place the ship visits. For example at the last island the ship docked in, Jesamyn found a local plant, that when mashed into a paste, she was able to use to dye her hair from it’s original color to a dark brown, (although the dye is now starting to leak out and her hair is slowly returning to its original color.)

Jesamyn is a young human woman, she wears her (currently, mostly) brownish hair in a ponytail. She wears bifocals, and brown wizard robes, she can normally be seeing somewhere on the ship with a scroll and ink quill in hand, studying and making notes of something. She has a bad habit of staring at people, and whenever she looks at you, you get the feeling that she would like to tag you and put you in a glass jar for easy observation.


Jesamyn Pearl

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