Heroes of the Stones of Yesterday

Through the Isle of Shadow

Session2, Part 2

After receiving some detail about their first mission to retrieve a Stone of Yesterday (SoY), Lewis sought the aid of the ships sea cleric who was found by the small shrine to the weather god. Adolfo Bellamy, the grizzled old human cleric, explains to Lewis that the weather god is quite fickle with blessings and banes. As he is explaining this, he leads Lewis quietly to the ship’s records office and finds the “Book of Torrent Tales” and reads in detail the qualities and tenants of the weather god. In order to appeal to the god’s good nature, several sailors spend free time creating small tokens such as toys carved out of driftwood or polished whale bone to cast into the sea. With this information, Lewis spends a good part of the night fashioning a detailed wax boat candle with a wick at the front and smoke drifting out the back.

As Mr. Nash is working, several other members of the party set about socializing with their new crew mates down near the fighting pits.The Princess orders several ales while two thick-armed brawlers wrestle in a pit of sea cucumbers for the group’s entertainment. Shamaru scans the rough crowd, looking for is own form of entertainment but only finds the tall multi-armed fighting captain Vul-gar watching the fights peacefully.

The next morning, the party is awoken early by Grog handing them a quick breakfast of dried fish and kelp chips and they are whisked away to the rowboat. The Princess, Lewis, Shamaru, Kellin, and Grog are all joined by a delicate looking tiefling woman in ornate robes on their small watercraft. She introduces herself as the bard in charge of recording their quest and begins questioning each party member about their journey thus far.

After a time of Grog rowing, the small boat is accosted by wild waves and churning sea, as expected by the sea cleric. Lewis quickly lights his candle boat and sets it adrift, creating a safe passage the party can follow in its wake.
When landing on the small spit of land, the local flora appears unusual and the party begins to itch from the humidity that has dispersed the corrosive tree sap, causing their skin to redden. The party seeks shelter from the sticky salve in the only building on the island trotting up to the two rows of two small battle towers with a looming iron gate.


Badass man love it!

Through the Isle of Shadow

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