Heroes of the Stones of Yesterday

The Keepers of The Golden Arrow and trouble at the textile mill

Session 1 part 2

The characters meet up at the Golden Quill where they learn about the prophecy and the quest to stop the Old Gods using the stones of yesterday. The Keepers have recently lost contact with some of their agents who were maintaining a front at a textile mill. At the request of one of the Keeper’s agents the party goes to the mill to investigate. At the mill the party discovers a small group of cultists, who they fight and defeat. The party finds out that the cultists had killed the agents the Keepers had working there and were using their bodies in an evil ritual. The party reports their findings at the mill and then heads to their new ship.

The Keepers of The Golden Arrow and trouble at the textile mill
After meeting up at the Golden Quill, the characters travel to a secret underground temple , that used to be a temple to the Old Gods. There they meet the leaders of the Keepers of the Golden Arrow. The Keepers tell them that the PC’s are the heroes of prophecy and that it is foretold that they will stop the Old Ones. They also tell them that they will be given a ship so that they can can travel across the world to find the stones of yesterday which they will use to defeat the Old Gods.

The party is told about what is in store for them and their role in the prophecy by the leader of the organization, an old but still tall and fit man with a white grandfather’s beard, named Master Allanon. Shamaru’s master (insert name of Ryan’s master here) and Lewis’ employer Sai Ming also reveal themselves to be members of the Keepers. Ming and (Ryan’s master) instruct their young charges to go forth and accept their quest. After some questions and initial doubts the party (some still reluctantly) accept the quest. The party leaves the creepy underground temple, and heads towards their new ship.

On the way out of the shop, the party is given different items, these are supposedly artifacts that have been kept for thousands of years waiting to be given to the heroes of prophecy. The items are given to the party inside shaving kits that have the phrase “The most ferocious of flames starts from the smallest spark” written on it.

On their way out of the shop the party is stopped by William Rakkone, a high level enforcer for the Keepers. He tells them that he is not confident that they will succeed on their quest just because the prophecy says they will. He has a real problem he wants them to look at. He has lost contact with a group of agents that were working for the Keepers. The agents maintained a front at a textile mill and no one had heard from them for several days. He wants the party to investigate the situation.

The party agrees and heads towards the textile mill. The mill is boarded up and shows no signs of life. The party bashes the door in and enters the mill. Inside they find several cultists in dark purple robes whose faces and skin seem to have melted off.

The party fights and kills the cultists. They find out that the agents of the Golden Arrow had been killed by the cultists and that the cultists were using the agents’ bodies for some kind of necromantic ritual. The party also finds that one of the cultists had several papers on him about the Golden Arrow which documented different locations that the Golden Arrow used as fronts as well as having lists of the names of several of their members.

The party takes a head of one of the cultists and a pouch containing necrotic arcane components back to the Keepers for further study.

The party comes back to the Golden Shears, reports their findings to Rakonne, and then sets out for the Lamprey’s Chariot.



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