Heroes of the Stones of Yesterday

The Gnoll's Challenge

Session 4, part 1

The great granite “T” emerges out of the sea, the flecks of powered marble turning the entire monolith gleam a marriage from some distance. The unusual structure is oddly placed on the heavily trafficked trade route called The Netting and it is rumored to be the object responsible for turning back or ransacking cargo ships. When the party is sent by the Captain to investigate, they row to its narrow base. The Princess ties the fluttering rope ladder from the top of the structure to the bow of their lifeboat and Shimaru finds it to be sturdy enough to climb up. After the ascension, they find what appears to be a large flat base that stretches the full length of the structure, divided into 5 by 5 foot squares of alternating grey granite and white marble. A Gnoll sits patiently at a small table in the very center of the plateau, donned in red and grey leather armor. After a clear warning from the Princess, the whole group approaches the figure who greets them in the common tongue.



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