Heroes of the Stones of Yesterday

Aboard the Lamprey's Chariot

The groups discovers the famed training vessel of Captain Flintlock

Session2, part 1

After reporting back to their less than impressed quest giver, the group decided to follow Grog back to the Lamprey’s Chariot for some much needed rest and healing. After room assignments, large meal barrels are carried around the ship to each cabin, each barrel with 5 interlocking, air tight compartments designed to keep food fresh. The cook’s right hand is Esmerelda “Ella” Shimershard, a dwarven woman with stout arms and brown locks, whose friendly smile warms hearts as well as plates. Several of the older crewmates bought special spices from Ella or withdrew seasonings/salts for their meals. Several of the party members ended up sharing a cabin with several other new recruits. One had a room to herself.

The Captain starts the morning with the usual address of the new crew, citing her expectations and rules for the Lamprey’s Chariot.

1: Part of the ship means pulling your weight; everyone works, everyone benefits.
2: No drawing of bladed weapons or casting destructive spells unless the crew is engaged in combat. Brawling once in a while is a good way to keep morale high, tensions low, and allows the veteran crew members to quickly assess the new mates. See Fighting Pits

As there were no questions, the captain turned her back and all mates (new and old) set about their morning work. Some grabbing rope to be retaught their basic sailor knots and others bringing empty barrels back to the vast galley for cleaning and packing.



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