Heroes of the Stones of Yesterday

The First Rumblings of a Sleeping Giant
The Tenet of Stalwyn's glory

“What is life but the theft of death? What is death but the cold emptiness of lost potential? What kind of god would scoop you from the beauty, the vividness of life and damn you to the eternity of darkness? A cold god, a hateful god. Luckily, I am neither.”

These were the first words After. Before, I was weak; weak of will, weak of faith, weak of body. But After? After, Stalwyn’s grace and acceptance flowed through me, warm like the blood spilled from a slit throat. His gifts overwhelmed me, changed my weak mind into a fortress of obsidian. Gone was the pliable flesh of death and decay; here lived the spirit of eternity and expanding life.

Stalwyn has one tenet, one unwavering commandment to those who see his true face: Spread my gifts, and all will bask in the glory of After.

And so we go, missionaries of the Armored Healer, spreading faith through the soft flesh of Molkarn and hardening it, perfecting the unsightly weakness of the uninitiated. All will feel the stinging blessings of Life, and all will join me in the glorious After.

These are Stalwyn commands, and I am his voice.

The Gnoll's Challenge
Session 4, part 1

The great granite “T” emerges out of the sea, the flecks of powered marble turning the entire monolith gleam a marriage from some distance. The unusual structure is oddly placed on the heavily trafficked trade route called The Netting and it is rumored to be the object responsible for turning back or ransacking cargo ships. When the party is sent by the Captain to investigate, they row to its narrow base. The Princess ties the fluttering rope ladder from the top of the structure to the bow of their lifeboat and Shimaru finds it to be sturdy enough to climb up. After the ascension, they find what appears to be a large flat base that stretches the full length of the structure, divided into 5 by 5 foot squares of alternating grey granite and white marble. A Gnoll sits patiently at a small table in the very center of the plateau, donned in red and grey leather armor. After a clear warning from the Princess, the whole group approaches the figure who greets them in the common tongue.

Aboard the Lamprey's Chariot
The groups discovers the famed training vessel of Captain Flintlock

Session2, part 1

After reporting back to their less than impressed quest giver, the group decided to follow Grog back to the Lamprey’s Chariot for some much needed rest and healing. After room assignments, large meal barrels are carried around the ship to each cabin, each barrel with 5 interlocking, air tight compartments designed to keep food fresh. The cook’s right hand is Esmerelda “Ella” Shimershard, a dwarven woman with stout arms and brown locks, whose friendly smile warms hearts as well as plates. Several of the older crewmates bought special spices from Ella or withdrew seasonings/salts for their meals. Several of the party members ended up sharing a cabin with several other new recruits. One had a room to herself.

The Captain starts the morning with the usual address of the new crew, citing her expectations and rules for the Lamprey’s Chariot.

1: Part of the ship means pulling your weight; everyone works, everyone benefits.
2: No drawing of bladed weapons or casting destructive spells unless the crew is engaged in combat. Brawling once in a while is a good way to keep morale high, tensions low, and allows the veteran crew members to quickly assess the new mates. See Fighting Pits

As there were no questions, the captain turned her back and all mates (new and old) set about their morning work. Some grabbing rope to be retaught their basic sailor knots and others bringing empty barrels back to the vast galley for cleaning and packing.

Through the Isle of Shadow

Session2, Part 2

After receiving some detail about their first mission to retrieve a Stone of Yesterday (SoY), Lewis sought the aid of the ships sea cleric who was found by the small shrine to the weather god. Adolfo Bellamy, the grizzled old human cleric, explains to Lewis that the weather god is quite fickle with blessings and banes. As he is explaining this, he leads Lewis quietly to the ship’s records office and finds the “Book of Torrent Tales” and reads in detail the qualities and tenants of the weather god. In order to appeal to the god’s good nature, several sailors spend free time creating small tokens such as toys carved out of driftwood or polished whale bone to cast into the sea. With this information, Lewis spends a good part of the night fashioning a detailed wax boat candle with a wick at the front and smoke drifting out the back.

As Mr. Nash is working, several other members of the party set about socializing with their new crew mates down near the fighting pits.The Princess orders several ales while two thick-armed brawlers wrestle in a pit of sea cucumbers for the group’s entertainment. Shamaru scans the rough crowd, looking for is own form of entertainment but only finds the tall multi-armed fighting captain Vul-gar watching the fights peacefully.

The next morning, the party is awoken early by Grog handing them a quick breakfast of dried fish and kelp chips and they are whisked away to the rowboat. The Princess, Lewis, Shamaru, Kellin, and Grog are all joined by a delicate looking tiefling woman in ornate robes on their small watercraft. She introduces herself as the bard in charge of recording their quest and begins questioning each party member about their journey thus far.

After a time of Grog rowing, the small boat is accosted by wild waves and churning sea, as expected by the sea cleric. Lewis quickly lights his candle boat and sets it adrift, creating a safe passage the party can follow in its wake.
When landing on the small spit of land, the local flora appears unusual and the party begins to itch from the humidity that has dispersed the corrosive tree sap, causing their skin to redden. The party seeks shelter from the sticky salve in the only building on the island trotting up to the two rows of two small battle towers with a looming iron gate.

The Keepers of The Golden Arrow and trouble at the textile mill
Session 1 part 2

The characters meet up at the Golden Quill where they learn about the prophecy and the quest to stop the Old Gods using the stones of yesterday. The Keepers have recently lost contact with some of their agents who were maintaining a front at a textile mill. At the request of one of the Keeper’s agents the party goes to the mill to investigate. At the mill the party discovers a small group of cultists, who they fight and defeat. The party finds out that the cultists had killed the agents the Keepers had working there and were using their bodies in an evil ritual. The party reports their findings at the mill and then heads to their new ship.

The Keepers of The Golden Arrow and trouble at the textile mill
After meeting up at the Golden Quill, the characters travel to a secret underground temple , that used to be a temple to the Old Gods. There they meet the leaders of the Keepers of the Golden Arrow. The Keepers tell them that the PC’s are the heroes of prophecy and that it is foretold that they will stop the Old Ones. They also tell them that they will be given a ship so that they can can travel across the world to find the stones of yesterday which they will use to defeat the Old Gods.

The party is told about what is in store for them and their role in the prophecy by the leader of the organization, an old but still tall and fit man with a white grandfather’s beard, named Master Allanon. Shamaru’s master (insert name of Ryan’s master here) and Lewis’ employer Sai Ming also reveal themselves to be members of the Keepers. Ming and (Ryan’s master) instruct their young charges to go forth and accept their quest. After some questions and initial doubts the party (some still reluctantly) accept the quest. The party leaves the creepy underground temple, and heads towards their new ship.

On the way out of the shop, the party is given different items, these are supposedly artifacts that have been kept for thousands of years waiting to be given to the heroes of prophecy. The items are given to the party inside shaving kits that have the phrase “The most ferocious of flames starts from the smallest spark” written on it.

On their way out of the shop the party is stopped by William Rakkone, a high level enforcer for the Keepers. He tells them that he is not confident that they will succeed on their quest just because the prophecy says they will. He has a real problem he wants them to look at. He has lost contact with a group of agents that were working for the Keepers. The agents maintained a front at a textile mill and no one had heard from them for several days. He wants the party to investigate the situation.

The party agrees and heads towards the textile mill. The mill is boarded up and shows no signs of life. The party bashes the door in and enters the mill. Inside they find several cultists in dark purple robes whose faces and skin seem to have melted off.

The party fights and kills the cultists. They find out that the agents of the Golden Arrow had been killed by the cultists and that the cultists were using the agents’ bodies for some kind of necromantic ritual. The party also finds that one of the cultists had several papers on him about the Golden Arrow which documented different locations that the Golden Arrow used as fronts as well as having lists of the names of several of their members.

The party takes a head of one of the cultists and a pouch containing necrotic arcane components back to the Keepers for further study.

The party comes back to the Golden Shears, reports their findings to Rakonne, and then sets out for the Lamprey’s Chariot.

Character Introductions
Session 1 part 1


The heroes that were spoken of in prophecy, answer various summons and make their way to the Golden Shears barber shop in The City of Two Names.

Character Introductions

(I am posting the intro that I ran below, I am not posting a summary about all the intros. If you ran an intro you can post a summary of what you ran here)

(also sorry if I butcher your character’s name, once everybody posts their characters up on the site I will be able to correct any misspellings)


After several months travel at sea Lew-Enna arrives in the City of Two Names, with her manservant Sven, her goblin guide to the outside world Hobnob, and her Nanna. Several months earlier the shaman from Lew-Enna’s tribe had a vision that she needed to travel east to undertake a quest to stop the Old Gods. Her shaman told her that she needed to travel to The City of Two names and find a man named Rye Gale Kingson.

After receiving well wishes from the captain and saying her good byes to the crew, Lew-Enna departs the ship and heads out into the docks in search of a guide. Lew-Enna is unfamiliar with currency, she is used to trading in goods and services. Hobnob tries to explain to her that instead of paying people in furs, you give them small bits of metal (coins) Lew-Enna mistakenly believes this to mean she should pay everyone in daggers. After convincing a man at the docks, that she was not trying to rob him and instead that she was trying to pay him with a dagger, she receives a guide, a young boy from the docks.

The boy has never heard of Rye Gale Kingson, he tells her that Rye is not a common name. The boy how ever does know of a tavern named “Kingson’s Tavern & Ale House” that is frequented by a man named Rigel. Lew-Enna tells the boy to lead her to the place.

Lew-Enna and company arrive at the tavern. The bartender tells them that Rigel is at the inn, but that he is busy in a back room and doesn’t want to be disturbed. Lew-Enna ignores this, tells her retainers to wait at the bar, and barges into the back room to speak with Rigel. In the back room Lew-Enna finds a large balding man, with four armed goons beating up a man tied to a chair. After finding out that the bald man is Rigel, Lew-Enna tells him that she is here to help him fight the Old Gods. Rigel responds by telling his men to “Get rid of this looney!” Lew-Enna quickly dispatches Rigel and his four goons and then unties the man tied to a chair. The man thanks her profusely and then believing she is an angel sent by the gods, promises to start going to church again, before quick;y exiting through the back.

Lew-Enna apologizes for making a mess in the bartender’s establishment. The frightened bartender tells her that it’s quite alright. He does tell her that she has killed a local crime boss and has caused a major disruption in the local crime scene. He also tells her that while he hasn’t heard of any one named Rye Gale Kingson, he does know of someone called Rigel KIngston. He was a famous general who has been dead for centuries, but there is a large statue of him in the market place in the center of town.

Lew-Enna thanks the bartender and then after securing another guide, travels to the statue. While waiting at the statue, Lew-Enna meets a man who tells her that he has been expecting her, and instructs her to go to the Golden Shears barbershop, where she will find the answers that she seeks. Lew-Enna does so and joins up with the rest of the party in what will be the very beginning moments of the long quest that they have in front of them.

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